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S + P = A [Systems + Process = Aesthetics] is a group exhibition of artists whose work references structures, systems and formulaic methods in their creative practice. Some of the artworks evidence a systematic structure in the work itself by creating geometric patterns with topographical mapping associations (Sophia Allison), or in paintings that jump and flicker, mirroring the electrical path along neurons (Yaron Dotan). In other artworks a structural process is less conspicuous as their work involves systematic experimentation with materials (Amy Green), or a purposeful search for structure (Emily Blythe Jones, Vida Liu). Then there are Brian Mallman's drawing 'machines' that document the yin/yang of repetitive algorithms along with strokes of random mark-making that hints at the inherent potential entropy of any natural or man-made system. All of these artists demonstrate how using consciously systematic methods in union with the alchemy of intuition, a sense of wonder and playful investigation, produce excitingly beautiful, surprising and sometimes chaotically refreshing results.

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